About Holistix

Our Holistic Clinical Service Center

Our Clinical Service Center is located in Fort Lauderdale, less than 2 miles from where our clients reside. Our residence is situated in a quaint beachside resort town just 10 miles from Fort Lauderdale International Airport, 30 miles from Miami International Airport, and 40 miles from Palm Beach International Airport.

Our clinical facility offers a cutting edge, innovative, holistic approach to helping you or your loved one with your addiction needs. Take a look at our recovery blog, where we share insights into the healing experience. Learn more about us and our alumni. Come by and meet our staff or check them out online to find out about our individual and collective professional experience.

Please talk with our admissions coordinators for specific details about our facilities and amenities.
We treat the whole person to make the person whole. Love is the foundation of healing.

Call us today! 1 (877) 872-7730
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Struggling with Addiction?

1 (877) 872-7730

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Or, you may fill out the few form fields below and a dedicated and trained professional will help you. Contact us today and let us get you or your loved one on the right track. We can help you.